Stay Away From This Tragedy

User Rating: 4 | Resident Evil 6 PS3

I'm in the middle of finishing up all the games that have been gathering dust. Almost done with the 3rd and final campaign in RE6 but it was so infuriating that I had to write a review (better late than never right?). Where do I begin...for starters it's hard to judge this mediocre game without considering its bad game menus and control layouts. For example you have to click through 6 times to load and continue a game session, if you die and restart the save icon shoes up but really it's just a temporary checkpoint not a save, actual save points are far and few in between at times to make your life uncomfortable, the controls are confusing and they peppered in way too many quick time events. How could they have made it better? Well for starters one click continue would be a no brainer, pressing a button to aim with should not arm a bomb and save the QTE's for boss battles (mostly). Now the game itself is lower in quality than part 4 and 5 I guess they have been going downhill for a while. I didn't really like the settings for the game, the enemy sounds asthmatic and burn up like Nyssa in Blade II. I could feel the lack of passion when writing and executing the story and animation. I'd like to end this review with an idea: bring the slow zombies back and the sense of dread and horror. RE4 was the highest point when the series changed direction and emphasized more on action than horror but it's not a sustainable model to express this genre. Bring the d(r)ead back!