This game is trash, it sucks major ass. Another nail in the Resident Evil franchise's coffin.

User Rating: 3 | Resident Evil 6 PS3

What can I say? I hate everything about this game. The gameplay is broken, your AI partner is a braindead moron much like all of the AI partners in the RE series, it takes multiple headshots to put down most zombies, it's a button masher and quicktime button press game more than a 3rd person shooter. More often than not I'm relying on the melee attacks. I honestly cannot play this more than an hour, it is just irritating and I can't stand it. Just playing the first few minutes was a headache because there was a cutscene damn near every 3 steps I took. Luckily I got it for free from a friend who also hated it. I grew up with the Resident Evil franchise, RE1 was the first Playstation game I ever witnessed and at one point it was my favorite game series but man have those times changed. Instead of puzzles and limited ammo, and creepy atmospheres we get essentially a Gears of War clone these days with a story so damn over complicated and added onto that it has become a joke. I mean what happened to this series? It has gotten so mediocre anymore, trying to become an action game to cater to casual gamers while alienating the core group of people who once loved it, I mean the games after 4 are as bad as the movies.

To be honest, I'm probably not the best person to try to influence anyone to buy this game, I absolutely hated it from the moment i put it in my PS3 and I didn't even finish a chapter of the campaign. If you're a diehard Resident evil fan, this might be something you can push through for the sake of fanhood or to continue its long and redundant story or maybe even enjoy playing it. but I lost my faith in this series many years ago.