Resident Evil 6 is a prime example of how to ruin your once great franchise.

User Rating: 4 | Resident Evil 6 PS3

I loved Resident Evil 5. I cant say it lived up to Resident Evil 4, but it was fun, especially with a buddy. The story was simple and straight forward, and it was the fun of Resident Evil 4 on a next gen (at the time) console Sure they had a few action bits, but Resident Evil 5 still had terrifying moments of having to survive against the odds. Capcom had finally announced Resident Evil 6 and i had hope it would raise the bar back to the greatness of Resident Evil 4. Unfortunately it doesnt even surpass Resident Evil 5...

Why? Because apparently capcom forgot who there fans were and decided to set Resident Evil 6 to be some Gears of war clone. Thats right, gunfights, zombies (or whatever they are now) with GUNS, and Explosive michael bay set pieces. Seriously, play one chapter of Chris's campaign. Utter trash.

So what did RE6 add to the gameplay? Well you no longer are restricted to tank like controls. You now have the ability to move freely, you can melee without the button prompts aswell. They redid the menu system, and added some weird ability to quick shot, which is like a very fast auto aim followed by shooting the enemy. Now this may be a personal thing, but i think these take any form of trying to survive boring now. Yes RE5 and RE4 had tank like controls, but they stuck to you when you got used to them, i felt they added to the struggle of trying to survive against the surrounding world. But now its all simplified to the point where its just easy...well ok it WOULD be easy, had the game actually had enough ammo to actually support you during these annoying setpieces. Seriously, this is an action game that barely has the ammo to back up its action...

The story also suffers abit here. Theres allot of perspectives shown here but plenty of times have i noticed things will be left unanswered or unfleshed out. Yea chris redfield, leon kennedy, and sherry make a comeback, and you do get to play as weskers freaking child. But sadly theres no point. At the very least, leons campaign is ok, as atleast half of it is dedicated to the classic survival style the RE series was known for. Although it does go down the action world towards the end, Which is unsuprising. Yes theres online coop, and yes it is better then playing alone. But sadly, me and my best friend struggled to get past the first half of a freaking chapter. Oh, did i tell you the chapters in this game are now an hour and a half long?

Graphically, Resident Evil 6 looks fantastic. Everything looks crazy realistic, and special effects are just nicely done. Sound effects are great, but its to be expected due to its action nature. The online at the very least is smooth and if you somehow arent disgusted with this game, there are a crapton of things to unlock, including some cool and rather slutty extra costumes for every character. (Even though they can only be used in mercenary mode...why this was decided i will never know..)

So in the end, Resident Evil 6 is the result of capcom trying to appeal to the action shooter heavy fans, rather then the fans that has stuck with the series since the mid 90's. Yes Resident Evil 5 had been guilty of some of the things this game is full of, but it didnt do it all the time. Hence why i enjoyed that game. Here, i guess you could say its abit of an identity crisis. Capcom needs to get there stuff together, and realise we dont want this modern warfare crap in our Resident Evil. So please, do yourself a favor, and avoid this game. You'd be better off becoming a jill sandwich.