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User Rating: 4 | Resident Evil 6 PC

This is by far the biggest and the most ambitious RE game to date. Unfortunately it is also, in my honest opinion, the worst one of them all.

Things I didn't like:

There are a lot and I do mean a LOT of QTE's(quick time events) in this game! QTE's are not a bad thing when done properly. But, when you need a QTE for pretty much everything from opening doors, leap over and across obstacles, fending off zombies, fighting bosses, dodging attacks, etc'... Then it becomes a chore and most of the time just frustrating. Some QTE's will get you killed when thrown at you and you were expected to react in a superhuman speed! It felt like the designers just wanted you to fail and die in some parts of the game... speaking of.. look out an ambulance........BAM YOU'RE DEAD!

Bullet sponge enemies will make you beg for ammo and when you actually find some crates you will be disappointed to discover skill points instead of ammo which you desperately needed. Some parts of the game are just 3rd person shooter which is OK, but when it's done with scarce ammunition system from a horror game than it is just a BAD game design!

A lot of the time I felt like the game just doesn't want me there. Constantly striping me of control over my cherector, taking away control over the camera, making me trip over dead bodys(which I found to be the most stupid thing I have ever seen in a game!), knocking me down when bullets hit me(You will spend a lot of time on your back when playing Leon's compaign).

What is it with RE games and the lack of boss health bar?? For once I would have loved to know how am I doing! Am I supposed to be shooting that big-♥♥♥ monster or run away? The game does terrible job at telling you when it's time to fight and when it's time to run or what you're supposed to do in that matter.

The cover system is horrible and most of the time just useless because the game spawns monsters behind you as well as in front of you.

Weapons upgrade system is gone and replaced with a useless and not very rewarding skill system in which you can only equipped 3 at a time. You will need to grind a lot to upgrade everything.

Boss fights are terrible, you will be forced to beat the same boss again and again and again and well.. you get the point.

I can't say much about the story because I was playing with a buddy and I wasn't following it that much. But what I do want to say is that fighting the same boss twice with diffrent characters just because you came across these two other characters you played in a previous campaign is just dumm game design!

The co-op in Ada wong's compaign is just terrible!!! Your partner has absolutely no intersection with the world what so ever!!! You just stand there and watch your friend play the game!

Things I like:

- Clever enemy design. I liked the fact that some enemies evolve after you shot them but at the same time it was very annoying because you are very limited with your ammo and you just want them to freaking die already, again that is just poor game design!

Gameplay: 2/10

Graphics: 6/10

Sound design and music: 4/10

Story: 2/10

Final verdict: 3.5/10

Resident Evil R.I.P!