Resident Evil better get with the program or face the junk pile.

User Rating: 6 | Resident Evil 6 X360
I have to say I really enjoyed the story of resident evil 6. That's the only thing that I REALLY enjoyed. Resident Evil 5 was a fine game, but hardly ground breaking. It appears that they tried to make 6 ground breaking, but instead it became a giant over-glorified interactive movie. There is tons of memorable moments and great visuals. The problem is that too often these moments are disconnected from the player. You get to watch a movie. The game is big and you will spend quite a bit of time on the campaign. There are four central characters and each one has their own story arc. All four stories weave together nicely and the depth of the writing really shows. Each character's section of game plays slightly different from the others. Differences may include inclinations toward melee, gun play, stealth, or puzzles. The main characters are some resident evil stalwarts; Leon, Chris Redfield, Ada Wong, and Jake Wesker. Sorry I can't remember Leon's last name right now, bite me. The combat is much the same as the previous game. The controls however, sometimes feel unresponsive or slow witted. And this game puts you in situations that are seemingly impossible to anticipate and the controls make it difficult to play catch up. There are also too many quick time events. I don't mind them occasionally, but this is just abusing the idea. There is a nice variety of enemies and there are some fine boss fights. The music isn't memorable. The sound effects are nicely done though. The difficulty is appropriate. Lastly, like 5 before it, this game is not scary. There were a few shock moments, but flashy action seems to be the order of the day here. This is not Resident Evil's finest hour. They need to rethink their next outing. A return to the roots might be nice. I would like to see brooding atmosphere and I'd like to experience tension you can cut with a knife again. Lastly: Strong on narrative and weak on overall gameplay.