worst part of resident evil 6: the C virus!

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The reason why this game has so many problems; the C virus. What the hell is this? I love this game for what it is but I wanted to see the BSAA go up against hunters and lickers, or Tyrants!! not these three eyed gun wielding tank driving goof-balls AKA the J'avo! Seriously, I was fine with all the other viruses in previous RE titles because they complemented the T-virus well. But, lets be honest here, we already know what a gun fight looks like, I want to see how the BSAA handles the creatures that were put forth in earlier games This is why we play resident evil; to get away from your everyday shooter. To see chris and leon with their extensive training kicking some T-virus ass! If Capcom really wanted to make a game that was a tribute to all the other RE games then they needed to go back to the root few viruses that were so important in the beginning. The viruses are just as important to revisit as the main characters. I have been an avid fan of resident evil from the get go playing every game. (including the rail and FPS releases) I can honestly say this series has seen a lot of bumps and bruises but contrary to what most say about RE 6; is that I actually do love the new control scheme they gave this game. sure it wasn't perfect but, looking back; each of the main resident evil characters have been in upwards of 5 games of their own or at least made cameos. So, to give this game the tank controls and slow pace of its predecessors makes no sense. Chris and Leon are no longer rookies to the horrors of these viruses. They are now trained bad asses. So basically the survival part somewhat goes out the window and a faster pace is in order. I just wish with the new controls were combined with the old story and enemy aspects. Old with the new. We wanted new controls and we got it, unfortunately they also gave us a different genre and a different game. Lastly, I understand why the keep adding new viruses because the ones prior were not a success in creating the ultimate super soldier so they kept making new viruses, but still... the J'avo... great game, loved leons campaign. felt somewhat like old times, had a hard time seeing Chris's story somewhat thrown by the wayside but overall a decent game just those damn J'avo...............