why are people judging the game so early?

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i'm a huge RE fan, RE1 being my favorite game in the series! sure RE5 wasn't my favorite game in the series, but i enjoyed it for what it was, personally i liked RE4 slightly more than 5. and after playing the RE public demo i get where people are coming from with how the controls are and how it seems like just a action shooter now. but it's still just a demo and anything can happen. 

sure i had trouble adjusting to the controls at first, but that's cause i was so used to using RE4/RE5 controls, but it did not take long for me to get used to it. the camera could be improved slightly in my opinion, but it's not that big a issue to me, Leons portion reminded me of past RE games, which i liked, sure some of the zombies can use weapons, but not all of them do, and even then there still zombies, so they can't really use the weapons effectively which would make seance, plus they are C-Virus zombies, not T-Virus zombies, so u have to put that into account. being that said, anything is possible considering we don't know what the full effects of the C-Virus can do yet. so for all we know the C-Virus could cause zombies to take more hits, use weapons some times, not all the time, and shooting them in the head may take more than one shot some times, it's the C-Virus people, what do we know yet till the game comes out.

the inventory system is different, but overall it's just something i have to get used to is all. now as for Chris, a lot of people think his part of the game is too much like COD. if you were a true fan, u would know that the BSAA fights Bio Terrorism Threats, meaning they don't just fight B.O.W's, they fight against people who use them, so it makes sense for him to be up against these people, whether they have guns or not, they are using the C-Virus and B.O.W's, and must be stopped. even in RE5 people had guns, might as well call RE5 COD as well right? no! it was obvious that terrorism was going to be a new plot point in the series, aka resident evil degeneration, revelations, damnation which i saw already on Zune, and the enemies in his part of the story are not zombies with guns people!!! there using the C-Virus, they mutate and that's it,  zombies can't use guns, get that through your heads.

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RE4 wasn't the first game with weapon wielding B.O.Ws.

Also, this is 2012. Judging the game before release is how it's done!

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Demo is out. Leon's quest seems pretty good. Chris' quest looks like Gears of War, and im not trolling or anything. Its funny how they are making Chris the "Action" guy and Leon the "Survival Horror" guy...seems like they are deleting everything past RE4.
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I just wish Leon's portion was the whole game. Chris's portion is just really bad, and Jake's is at least interesting because of his more unique melee.

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The only real problem i have with the game is how you heal yourself. It just seems really dumb to put your herbs in that case and then take them. Might just be because of being use to the way it's taken in the original resi's, but imo it seems really unnecesary. And i hope the ai is not invincable in the actual game. I'm glad they don't ask you for ammo in this game, but it's going to suck if they're invincable and never run out of ammo in this game. Besides that IMO it's looking great. Don't know if you're an uncharted person, but people talked so much **** on uncharted 3 before it came out, then it came out, and it shut everybody up. People judge based on what they see. I think chris's demo looked great, way better than resi 5. Crhis's campaign matured from resi 5. Only other problem is Claire (most likely) will not be in this game, but that's not something i'm pissed about, just sad my favorite resi character hasn't made an apparence since code veronica.

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what about degeneration?

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The only part I'm really judging is Chris's part of the demo. I don't like the complete action take of it. Leons part was good, felt slower paced similar to RE4. I just wish it Leon's part of the game was the game, no split campains with different play styles. I just got done playing Lean's and Chris's demo, so my reactions are still that first impression. Maybe I'll warm up to Chris's campain in the actual release. 

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Judging it pre-mature is a bad thing, ROC was the latest example. I really hate it, esp when its about such a legendary series, but after playing the DEmo, i can also agree that this time the criticism was spot on. It really is the worst of the series... of course they wouldnt have known before the demo, they are just /no sayers/trolls/haters, but even a broken watch is right twice a day and this was the case with RE6...