The 8 Skill Sets (Possible Recommendations and Others)

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What are the skill sets everyone is using since RE6 has came out? Mine use up all 8 skill sets with each one of the eight being dedicated to a specific weapon.

1: Defense Lv. 3, Handgun Master, Infinite Handgun

2: Defense Lv. 3, Machine Pistol Master, Infinite Machine Pistol

3: Defense Lv. 3, Crossbow Master, Infinite Crossbow

4: Defense Lv. 3, Shotgun Master, Infinite Shotgun

5: Defense Lv. 3, Sniper Master, Infinite Sniper

6: Defense Lv. 3, Assault Rifle Master, Infinite Assault Rifle

7: Defense Lv. 3, Grenade Launcher Master, Infinite Grenade Launcher

8: Defense Lv. 3, Magnum Master, Infinite Magnum