So, who else played the demo?

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Just finished up with all three missions with the characters.  A few thoughts -

- Guns and melee were meaty and good

- The camera angle was WAYYYYY too close.  I mean holy hell, the character took up nearly half the screen.  It felt like playing a Krogan in Mass Effect 3's multiplayer again.

- Zombies still don't speak english

- For that matter, since when did Zombies learn how to use assault rifles?  (I assume that was probably in 5, I didn't play it)

- A little too scripted here and there.  For instance, during Leon's mission, you couldn't aim/shoot unless the game wanted you to, you couldn't run unless the game wanted you to, and you couldn't open doors until the guy you were escorting did it himself.


All in all, it was decent.  I'll probably pick it up on launch.  Nothing to write home about, though.

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I think it's really awesome the demo is so fun.
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I've only played the Leon demo and I really doubt I'll buy this now. I don't even feel like playing the other demos after that crap, it felt worse than Operation Racoon city.

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Leon's was indeed the most boring/scripted of the demos.. you definatly might want to play the other two though, totally different. 

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loved all the playable levels, I feel camera was to close though, and my opinion to eon being scripted is, that I didn't have a problem and it was only first level tbh