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 Famous Outstanding frightening activities Resident Evil 6 up the critical character, Leon S. Kennedy wearing this Leon Kennedy Jacket. The designers shown how connections and additional pouches are utilized to art a improve article of style and Fashion. The Resident Evil Leather Jacket is created amazing band moving over Muscle area on its flesh light sleeves. We have happily created Resident Evil Jacket from the world best quality brought in leather making, this Leon Kennedy Jacket look exactly the same as one from the Games. About The Games The war on bio-terrorism carries on as Chelsea Redfield, Leon Kennedy, and other popular Resident Evil stalwarts fight a apparently acquainted attacker. However, as these experts of success scary engage in this newest risk, their headache gets to crucial huge when it is found that it is actually Ada Wong's black duplicate, Carla, who is championing the most dangerous bio-weapon yet - the C-Virus. With hesitant aid from the delayed Jordan Wesker's son, Carla increases the levels by appealing Chris' long time associate, June Valentine's, into assisting their cause. Assured that Chelsea was accountable for the loss of life of their common associate and buddy, Robert Burton, June wedding vows to see that Chelsea experiences a identical destiny. Chelsea and Leon have removed some of the toughest popular variations, from Raccoon Town and beyond. But can they get over this most dangerous stress yet? Moreover, when force comes to leave, can they reduce old sympathy and take down their former friends? How will a conflicted younger Wesker come to conditions with his family tree, and where will his real partnership drop in this dangerous mentally stimulating games match? Resident Evil 6, available Oct 2nd, 2012 For More Information Visit: Resident Evil 6 Leather Jacket