RE4 is garbage

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Omg guys its so bad RIP RE. Here is what they are doing I can't believe it.

1. They changed the camera angle WTF. No more shifting camera angles makes it less scary we get this stupid behind the back crap.

2. We can aim in a 360 axis wtf. Who thought this was a good idea. The game was better when you can only shoot in 3 ways up mid and down. So stupid.

3. No more puzzles. Lol get item A and run in straight line and put it to point B omg so complicated.

4. No zombies and THEY USE WEAPONS. WTF yea lets remove the core element of RE and replace it with farmers with chain guns and axes.

5. SO much ammo. Wow this game isn't scary when you can buy guns from a merchant and tons of ammo drops.

6. Stupid partner that does nothing. Seriously keeps screaming and uses my items. Not to mention if she dies I have to restart.

RIP RE who from crapcom thought this was a good game.

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RE 4 is a masterpiece. So shut it 

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Not sure if this is sarcastic or serious.

Either way, its 7 years after RE4 became a smash hit so I doubt anyone cares.

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Hmm this sound's like Dead Island or Left 4 dead.Are you sure your'e talking about resident evil 6? Last time i played part4- 5 everything you just mention took place in the 2 other previous games part 4- 5 all zombies used various weapons, Umm do people not get when Resident evil 1 was made this was the first TVirus- Times have changed. The Virus is way more advance. Zombies are way more advance,Theyr'e smarter.Yes Capcom added more Quicktime event's but quicktime events started in part 4 so did the zombies using weapons started in part 4,People didn't complain which is probably why Capcom added extra quicktime .Its all for fun and pleasure.As for puzzles where have you been? part 6 has a number of puzzles basically half of Leons missions uses quicktime, puzzle solving even'ts..If this isn't enough puzzle solving for you maybe portal will suit your needs better.
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Babby's first troll. Don't think you've accomplished anything here. There's always a few mentally disabled people lingering, especially on this website.

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Correct. Resident Evil 4 is the second most over rated game.....second only to Grand Theft Auto 4.

Having currency in the game, a merchant, enemies now dropping money (including crows and dogs) and ammo....being more like some kind of action based arcade shooter than a real RE game. Even more so with the traditional RE puzzles now all but removed.

Also bodies now disappearing aswell.....all adds up to one big atmosphere killer.

RE4 was the last RE game I bought......and is what convinced me to steer clear of RE5.....and wisely this new game.

Screw Resident Evil......let Capcom pander to Call of Duty fans.

The original creator, Shinji Mikami, is now working on a true SURVIVAL HORROR game code named "Zwei". Lets focus on that games development in the future.

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tc - you are 10 years too late and on the wrong board - do you know what year we have or just forgot to take your medicine?

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RE 4 was really overrated, but okay. RE 5 was the biggest steaming pile of garbage though.

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RE 4 is a masterpiece. So shut it 



Re4 is the worse RE game I have played.