RE 6 isn't RE anymore!!

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I never bought Revelations for PS3 until getting my Wii U and I wanted to compare the controllers, The PS3 version plays better because of the DS3 controller... BUT it confirmed my theory of RE6 problems. RE6 is a DVD game made for Xbroke 2 it's that simple... 11GB size leaving 14GB empty on a Blu-ray disc, no HD upgrade for the PS3 version. That explains why after beating Revelations on the Wii U and PS3 on infernal mode, I popped in RE6 again after a long time away and it felt like paper bag graphics, blurry, thin, murky textures, bland weightless visuals and fluff pop gun sounds, sloppy wobbly movement animations and just and overall sludgy feeling to the Xbroker level of poop it is. They could have upscaled the graphics, made it 3D, MOVE compatible but NAH "let's just give them a bribed XBROKER piece of poop on a stick" it sucks because of Microsoft.

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I can agree that Resident Evil 6 isn't RE. One thing that I hate with the new RE is that it's too easy! I really hate that you have always a parter with you (like Sheva in RE 5) and the problem is the game isn't scary when you know you have a partner. Back in RE 2 or the REmake(or others beside 5 and 6) you were ALL alone with zombies/monsters. The music was creepy, the atmosphere were so scary and dark, you had to solve puzzles and also ammo. Now there are more action like CoD in RE which I really hate! I want to be scared, not feeling like I'm playind freaking Battlefield!