Personal Thought in the Campaign & Review

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This game is so one year old on me and I'm still playing it :p. Anyways my thoughts on this game is so friggin fun. I'm noticing alot of reviews talking about the story is so really topsy-turvy. But my guess onto the main story is the campaign of Jake's or Ada's. The settings: meh I go for purple color dot/laser to mesh well within dark or bright environments. Music: Fine and great but the ending song in Jake's was so yet had a good feeling to the game effecting his life. My game best overall is at: 4.8/5.0. If the staff in RE6 would add more updates or fixed some settings in the nearby future like toggling AI and all that it would be easier.
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Enjoying and reviewing are two very different things, where the former is a reaction and the latter is an action. I thoroughly enjoyed RE6, and rated it 5.0/10 with all my mind, heart and soul, for that fun and fairness are the most dire of foes.

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Glad you enjoyed it, because it was painfully boring for me, the only time i had legit fun with this game was playing mercenaries and no-mercy, that's where the gameplay truly shines