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OK, I finally feel like I have a handle on the whole game save/checkpoint system, now can someone please tell me, can you actually pause the action in this game? So far it feels like you take a knee but the game (and the zombies) keep going.

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You have to set it to offline mode to pause it. It tells you on some of the loading screen.
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Thanks. Got 2 young kids, and need to drop it when duty (doody?) calls!

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and how does one tell it that it is offline I need to say before the game starts that I do not have a inet connection (offline) or so ? and during the game I needed to answer the doorbell and as said by the topic starter , when I came back Leon was long dead and on earth can capcom not build a simple straightforward game necessity just boggles the mind. people need to answer phone calls, open doors or go to the loo....:)

as I get it from the replies, I cant do anything of this sort if I am on online mode...this is real horror

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you pick it when you start a campaign or chapter you have to go all the way over to "OFFLINE" at the top so all the options are greyed out as oppose to "Don't Allow" which is online and will keep trying to put people in your game but then kicking it before they can lol stupid design decision but how it is.

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such a great hubby ;)