No Hope difficulty...

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So I've been playing this as Professional was hardly a challenge in this game, I gotta say it's boosted the difficulty nicely by removing skills etc, but this difficulty has also revealed a hole in the game

That is the QTEs, not necessarily ones where you press button to avoid dying, but as an example, I'm currently doing Chris' campaign on No Hope (I always play solo btw, so partner is a bot) and I got to that bit where the J'avo shoot at you with an RPG and Chris ends up having to scale along that pipe while being shot at by J'avo, and my only defense is....Piers

I literally cannot complete it because of this hole in the game, I don't know why, but I just can't do it, commanding Piers to attack does nothing, spamming the button during the QTE doesn't help, doing it slower doesn't help, it's physically impossible to do anything other than to rely on Piers, and I'm not sure how much patience I have to wager my luck based on a f*****g QTE to which I hardly even have any control over.

Seriously, I just want to get across this pipe LOL.

F*** my life, I was having fun playing on No Hope, now this game breaking bull**** has ruined it for me.

And no, I'm not playing as Piers. Or getting a friend to co-op with.

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Well it seems your a lot more of a masochist than me on that department :p