Im never readinng a gamestop review again...

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 Ive never felt justified in spending 60 bucks for a game before in a long time except for this one. Gamespot must have had A complete moron reviewing for it. This game is fantastic. No, Im also not an RE fanboy. Ive played 4 before but Im not a fanboy at all

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How about the others reviewers that gave this a bad score? are they morons too because they played a bad game?

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A game below 5 means that it's broken. Unplayable. Like those half-assed movie games. RE6 deserves, at least, a 6, and this is what the metacritic is showing. The super low scores are given by reviewers who took it way too personal and just cannot judge a game on its own merits. That's it. I've been around GS since 98', it's always been like that. Sometimes a couple of reviews are over dramatic, but hey, they're also opinions, even if reviews should be based on facts and not opinions. I don't want to know if Random Joe McRandom loved a game. Who is this guy? Why would I bother with his opinion? I don't know him. What I want to know is, on a fact basis, a game plays well.
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Yes, Most of the time reviewers are morons and no it's not a bad game at all. It's a great game. The reviewers are just pissed at capcom for the DLC crap theyve been pulling. So to say a perfectly awesome game is bad because of stuff like that or because the game isnt about endless fetch qeusts like the old resident evils is pretty moronic. Besides, Ive only seen a couple of bad reviews anyway. Bandwagon jumpers is all they are. Like when everyone started to say how family guy sucked even though the show never actually changed it's formula, You had idiots hating on it simply because Seth Mcfarlane kept making other cartoons and because it was the "cool thing" to do. Time and the large number of people who are playing and enjoying this will agree with me in the end over a few reviewers and a couple of neckbeards who hang out on a board for a game they dont like.

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That comment was directed to the person above you Fandango_Letho. I agree with you though. I should probably just avoid the reviews of the guy because his sensibilities are far more different then mine obviously.

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Im having a blast with resi 6! 

Ive been a resi fan since i played the resi 2 in its week of release,it was the first ps1 game i bought. 

Resi is nothing like it used to be but man its still fun. 

Im halfway through the campaigns and loving every minute, 

Theres alot of QTEs though but that abd the fact its a bit too dark in places are the only bad things i can think of. It gets an 8.5 out of 10 from me! (So far).