If there is 7

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I hope they inclode Claire if there is RE 7..she has been always a great character and i would love to try her moves in the new controiling style...put her in a story with Cherry would make me interested..

i also hope they dont drop the 2 players thingy..i find it an old dream that came true..

and after all RE 6 isnt that bad..i like Jake and Cherry story alot

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I want Resident Evil 7 to be a mix of RE4 and RE0.

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RE 5 was the nail in the coffin for this franchise. I'll admit it was fun but it could of been a completely different genre. The atmosphere wasn't there at all.

When I borrowed RE 6 from my friend I died a little inside. Although I despised each story, I found Ada's to be the most tolerable out of the 4. It was pure action, QTEs, 'splosions etc. Jake I hated with a passion.

I hope, if there is a 7, they don't use Claire. Hopefully 1 character can maintain their innocence.

Don't know about you but now Shinji Mikami has announce his work on The Evil Within, Resident Evil has dropped of my radar (at least the 7th and possibly 8th gen Resis).

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I want the Silver Ghost, or maybe a modded version of it, to return. I don't know why, but I just loved the gun and it's design. :)

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I think they need to bring back the feeling of persistent immersion, no more chapter, chapter, chapter S ranking crap... the original games dropped you into the world and you had to play al the way through to get the hell out alive. The modern quick continue systems suck for survival horror concepts since it's a complete contradiction of the genre. Flush the modern shooter continue system, and make ammo harder to obtain or a fight to get to drop zones to make it back to the source of supplies, if you're running low... call for ammo via truck, car, plane drop then the players have to locate it on the GPS and battle their way to get the ammo etc.

I miss the feeling of consequence in old original survival horror games like RE, RE2 and RE3... since that time it's been a slowly evolving path towards clumsy action shooters. RE4 and Revelations aren't bad... RE6, RE5... eh, ok. Not much thought is going into these games anymore since MonsantoBox Microbribe has successfully dumbed down entire generations of RE games. If they develop for PS4 as the default platform then maybe we'll get a really great RE again. I think RE Revelations was really the announced/cancelled PSP game, that's why it was more fleshed out since it had really be in development for years prior to porting it to DS then consoles.

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I need jill back, I hope jill and claire are in the same game.