Game data is corrupted(possible spoilers)

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So I have been playing RE 6 since Day 1,I know the games flawed but I endured it.Kept pushing to see how the whole game plays out. FInished Leon's campaign,it felt ok I guess then... went on to complete Chris.Played till chapter 5 and there is this scene where you need to escape from a giant B.O.W(that watery exoskeleton thing) and holy **** dunno what Crapcom did but my A.I. kept dying because it couldn't follow up with me to escape,repeated that whole section for one whole frigging hour,then when I finally succeeded,*killed* it in a short battle.Cutscene time. and poof, this **** pops up: Game data is corrupted. Please exit the game and delete RESIDENT EVIL 6 game data. Dafuq Crapcom, I spent my money and even pre-ordered this, and now you give me THIS?! Hell I even believed in RE 6 a little but now, i do not know anymore. And now I shall whole-heartedly agree to Kevin VanOrd very low rating of 4.5(due to all the flaws Kevin stated,maybe should have even included cheap deaths involving A.I. in setpieces that dies for god knows what reason), I thought stuff like this won't exist in a game with such high production value and anticipation.I want my money back Crapcom, seriously I am really,really disappointed.
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Really sorry if that happened to me i'd never play the game again lol but it sounds like your game may have been corrupted from the get go the A.I. in this game is invincible(it can't die so you don't get stuck because of it) which means the game thought you were playing with someone online but had them controlled by the A.I. i hate to say it but i think you got one of those super rare bugs that happens only once every 500k copy's sorry.

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That's almost exacly what happen to me. I'm on Leon's story Chapter 5 I'm about to kill Simons and when the cutscene is about to start poof data is corrupted I mean seriously wtf... And it's probably a bug because I've been reading that people have the same issue but in different chapters and campaigns.
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No I died because the incompetent A.I. didn't die,it got stuck there when that giant B.O.W. stuck him for god knows what reason, seriously wth Crapcom, Bug or no,this is still retarded.