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Yeah, yeah, i know this sixth one kinda sux, but i'm without games to play and i always found the RE series interesting. So the thing is: the last and only one i've played was the original one, on the play, back when i was a kid.. long time ago. ok, shorting this thing up. I wanna play the RE5 and 6. which ones do i have to play to understand sh%$ or it just doesn't matter?

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It doesn't matter, really. The story itself is ridiculous, and in a bad way. The only cool thing is the main characters themselves, which have been present since its Playstation debut. If you don't mind older games, start with RE2. REmake is a great title too, but super rare to find. RE3 is also pretty great. RE4 is the staple of the genre, for creating the current third person over the shoulder action game. RE5 made it co-op, and RE6 is made by another team, and it shows. It's not bad, it's just pretty different and it's really one of those games that you have to try by yourself to make your opinion of it.
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The story is one of the best parts about 6, its certainly more Resident evil then 5 ever was. Most people just hate on 6 because they suck at handling change and just want Capcom to keep rehashing HD versions of the classics instead of being a business and selling products most people will buy.


Resident Evil 6 is, maybe shockingly, on the best seller lists all over, which means Capcom is raking in the cash and not giving two craps what the old school fanboys think.  Same with Bethesda getting rich off Oblivion and Fallout 3 and not caring what the old school people think.

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If you got a Wii then try REmake and REO, they aren't that rare cause they got re-released on Wii and you can find tons of copies of them on EBAY for cheap.

IF you got a PS3 then you can try RE1, RE2, RE3 first then CODE VERONICA and RE4 later but if your a first time player I would say use a guide on GAMEFAQS only because you will find the tank controls and puzzles annoying compared to modern standards.

I can go play them anytime cause I grew up with the games and know what to do but if your coming in fresh I say use a guide to help you, because your already going to be frustrated by the graphics and controls anyway compared to modern standards which you will judge them to so take as much burden of yourself as you can.

There is no shame in it, they are old games and great games but the most important thing is you have fun and believe me there are frustrating parts in the games that we did as trail and error and via word of mouth without guides as kids but again like I say, why burden yourself uneccesarily now?

If you got a Xbox 360 the only games on there currently are CODE VERONICA and RE4, RE5 and RE6. CV is a good starting point if you haven't played any of the earlier games cause it's a little more actiony but you'll be confused at the story so look that up, and the camera angle is a tiny flaw in CV that will annoy you, like it does with most people, seriously trying to fight bandersnatches with the camera angle being how it is can be annoying but once you get used to it you'll be ok.

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Oh yeah and if you want to understand the story it's basically.

REO, RE1, RE3, CV- RE5 = STARS, Chris+ Jill story.

RE2, RE4, = Leon Story.

RE2, CV = Claire Redfield Story

RE4 was the start of the Las Plagas saga, that is why the zombies in RE4, RE5, and later parts of RE6 are different from the early games.

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Well, first, tks guys for the answers. Now, i do have a wii and a play2.. and a gaming pc (which is the one i mostly use, and where i intend to play the fifth and sixth ones i said yearly). and i really don't have anything against old games. not a graphic whore myself. Not gonna deny though that a polished and beautiful game doesn't bear a huge weight, but i tend to look gameplay first. Even the most pleased to eye game will annoy the heck out of you if the controls suck. But, enough of that.. don't see a problem now in playing all the ones i can get and let the 5 and 6 for last. probably gonna get the remake one too, since i bearly remember it.

Oh, before i forget, what do you guys think about the 2 Chronicles ones? i just remembered now. got those really cheap for the wii on a trip off country couple years ago. and since i love on-rails shooters (House of the Dead for instance), was kinda hard not to.. weird thing, never played them though. i also got other games in this trip, played them instead. left the RE alone.. guess i thought i'd had to play all of them to understand. can't really remember the reason.. so, they are good? does it worth the time? i have like 5-6 RE games to play now. kinda a lot, if it is not worth, not gonna even try.