Co op disconection communication error!

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I keep getting problems with co op on re6 so basically me an my friend both went out bought re6 then went back to our houses to play co op an we can't because we keep getting disconected and says communication error it's soo annoying as one of us has to start over again or just carry on in solo which is not what I bought the game for! It's also nothing to do with signals because we're both on 100% and home alone with no one else using Internet so it's defiantly to do with the game I really hope they sort it out as well because all I've been doing is trying to find people with the same problem and to try get them to fix it asap as I want to play it on co op already! It's sooooo fustrating! Does anyone know anything about a patch or is anyone else having same problem???
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Im sure a lot of people are having this problem. I know I am! I bout 2 copies, one for me and the other for my wife and she wont play it alone, and I want to play coop with my brother. Your not alone losing the connection battle. it sucks cuz my wife dont want me to continue to play till we can coop together. guess thats what i get for getting my wife into games haha