Awesome game!

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I played all the Res evils even the remake on gamecube an i gotta say the review stopped me from buying this untill now, i returned GoW Judgement and got this game and Arkham City and i've been playin this more than anythin. Whats so bad about it?? You can't have every Res Evil game be exact clones of before. This is an awesome game that at least deserves an 8 , in my opinion i give it a 9.0. Don't go by the Review, if you like zombies and mayhem this is a must have, theres so many jaw dropping wtf moments , its too bad the score is throwing every1 off.

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I think Resident Evil 6 suffered from living up to the success of the franchise. The game was in developmemt hell, I think it was 4-5 years for this game, plus a team of over 600 people. and the lead director left part way through. 

I enjoyed the game myself, but even with how much I enjoy the game, I can say it is far from perfect. id give it a 6. it was overall a fair made game, definatly not for everyone.

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The campaigns were good (minus the running/vehicle parts).

Iplayed through each twice. Once alone, and once with my sister. good fun!

But the spotlight for me is the Mercinaries mode! It is just so fun! especially with a partner!

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I was surprised after a few hours playing to say the least. Definately was not as bad game I expected based on the reviews. Far from perfect, some things terribly done, but more than enough good to keep me playing and give the next game a chance. A sequel to this by the developers, knowing what works and what doesn't now, might not have to try hard at all to appeal to literally everyone.
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In my opinion it is the best resident evil  action game and this game is much better than resident evil 4 and 5

because of this reasons:

1.more variety in enemies

2.longer game than this 2

3.very smoother battle system

4.different style of gameplay in game

5.more variety in characters

6.better marcenaries mode

6.more games to play online like agent hunt

7.this is the game that you have dodge enemies attack most of the time by yourself

8.better button smashing and QTE

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I read the review, watched the video review and I did try playing it for one or two hours. Result? I almost put this game as thrash material. Then i soldier on (thanks to my love to RE series), I found out that....IT'S NOT AS BAD AS I THOUGHT.

Seriously, the first one or two chapters of Leon is incredibly boring. Lots of cutscenes, lots of walking slowly ,lots of QTE, lots of dramas and so on. But as soon as the action started to pour in, i feel entertained. Greatly entertained and loving it till the point of whenever I switch on my console the first game ever to cross in my mind for me to play (finish) is this game. Ain't too bad for a 4.5 rating game eh?


Now I'm at Cris's 2nd chapter. I like how they create different stories for diferrent characters and most importantly different GAMEPLAY/STYLE for each stories. Leon with the (closest to) classic RE style, Cris more to the gung-ho RE5 style and i don't know what awaits me for Sherry's campaign.


Damn, I feel so guilty for campaigning to my friends before  that this game is crap. Guys, if you are to start playing this game, please be patient. The first few chapters of Leon is badly boring and...bad, but after a while I guarantee you that you'll be loving this game. New mechanism, new characters, new moves, new monsters design, new storytelling style. Konami simply try to evolve this franchise and for me I think they did the right thing. It's just some people prefer the classics style more than this new brand of RE and in my case, the first few hours did no justice to this game.

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I just feel the gave it 4.5 before playing Jake part..i love it!!

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The only resi game i like is resi evil 4.

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dumbed down dvd XBROKE game graphics, like a wet paper bag, sloppy animations with the characters wobbling around and not stopping on a dime... other than that it's worth about $5.00 as a demo game, It should have been at least 3 times bigger as a game overall considering it only took up about 10GB. Blu-ray is 25GB single layer.

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I got this game a week ago after buying DOA5U and have been playing RE6 ever since. The last character's campaign I had to complete was Leon's and after watching everybody's story, I gotta say I love it. I think the stories are well told.