Any best order to play the stories in?

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Just got the game, I assume the stories aren't in chronological order or it probably wouldn't give you a choice but is there a best order to play them in plot wise? Someone said to me about playing Jakes first then Chris's and finally Leons (from the initial 3 you have to play). Does it matter at all?

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There really isn't any order to the story. In a way Leons story is the main story, and chris's and jakes back his story up. Most people just do the order it's in in the selection menu, Leon's,Chris's then Jake's. But regardless the order the story shouldn't be spoiled.

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I played it from top to bottom, but now I wish I did Jake's first. That was you can introduce yourself to him and your encounters with him might have a little more power. Also his is the worst in my opinion, so get it out of the way.

I'd play Jake, Leon, Chris.

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I played Leon, Chris then Jakes.  Play Leon first, it's the worst, so you can get it out the way.  

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Just because you don't like Leon's, won't mean he'll hate it. Personally I think Leon's was the best, mixing action and horror better than 4 did.

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I agree with you.