Am I missing something???

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Ok so I've only played the demo thus-far but I thought that was good. Is the full game so different or something? 4.5? Now I liked RE5 Hell I've been a fan of the series from the get go. But I'm also no someone that gets hung up on change. It is true that the series has made a complete 180 from the first game, but I was able to enjoy the games for what they were. I would like to see more of a "horror" feeling come back, but is this game truly a 4.5? Because that kind of score reflects what I would call a "broken game" If I could get your feelings on this (without anykind of spoilers please) that would be great. :)

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I wouldn`t take that review of 4.5 to seriously.if you read the review and see why he gave that number you maybe find he gave the 4.5 unjustly.or you may agree with him.personally me after reading the review and playing the game i don`t agree with his review i might see his point in some areas but that it.this game is good and thing her complained about was QTE`s well i don`t see what he`s seeing and i found they didn`t ruin the experience for me.i feel when he played the game he was especting the game to play a certain way and it didn`t. so he got angry and pisssed off enough to give it a poor review.if you want my advice just rent the game first to see what you think of it.and not judge the game on reviews of others.

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Let me put it this way, I'll give numbers to parts of the game.

Mercs and the general mechanics of the game. (Looking past gimmicks and quick time events.)
9- One of my favorite third person shooters from this standpoint. A lot of depth and a lot of fun. If you think they are bad, you flat out just suck at the game. I'm sorry, but if that's your complaint with the game... you're just bad.

Leon's story.
8.5- A few unfair or strange choices in game design, but pretty damn good.

Chris's story.
8- Not amazing, but I find it interesting seeing the tactical side of BSSA.

Jake's story.
7- A lot of weird problems, and it definitely feels like the talent behind it was less than the rest. I had fun but it's full of learn from dying moments. Small stuff like, Sherry's gun stays on her holster at all times, when every other character would equip theirs, just shows that the talent and time didn't go into this one.

Ada's story.
9- A single player story that has to be played last. Wraps up the game and answeres questions. Also the only story where you fight every enemy type. By the time you play this you'll have gotten used to some of the bad design choices and you'll be able to avoid them. Ends up being a fantastic end to a very solid game.

That's an opinion from a fan of the franchise and someone who played it properly.


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what do you mean played it properly? in any case i'd still play this if it was lower than 4. enough greatness in the entire series making it impossible to just skip it no matter who told me it sucks. I imagine it's part morbid curiosity and expecting I can suffer through it to at least get the ongoing plot for future games though lol
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If you were a big fan of the early games AND get hung up on change, definitely do not buy this game now. Wait a couple months for the inevitable price drop.

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Utitilazing all the controls. Head shots for stun and come in for quick kill, counter when someone dives at me, quick shot or dive back when suprised, roll into run for a dodge. Ya know, using the complexity to you advantage, getting creative even. Not holding down your trigger aiming at enemy's chest and **** you're out of ammo.