Change from horror but still great

User Rating: 9 | Resident Evil 5 PS3

From survival horror, to nearly pure action. I still enjoyed this game.Adding co-op was actually an amazing touch. The game is good. But playing with a friend is what made this game great! I've never replayed a game as many times as I have this one.The game changes scenes every chapter, keeping it a new look and new adventure each chapter. And I loved the chapter select. No more missing items. I like being able to return to a chapter to obtain an item or collectible should you miss one. The combat was a lot of fun in this game. But it did lack a lot of the horror games. No more Nemesis hunting you down. However, the combat made up for that. (And bringing back the chainsaw guy was a good addition. He still adds some scare factor.)The game got some hate for the switch to action. But I still found it a lot of fun fighting off zombies with a friend.