Not worth spending $50 on, but worth playing a good few times after getting it anyways.

User Rating: 9 | Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition PS3
Resident Evil 5 Gold Adition, surly is a great game. Very addicting for those who are into 2nd or first person shooters. Like the original game (which isn't too diffrent or barly at all) has diffrent yet entertaning levels as well as boss battles through out the whole game.

The two new levels makes the game worth playing, for those who think it may not be worth even givin the game a secound glance.

Unlike the rest of the game- Lost in Nightmares level has that eerie and bleek feeling throughout the whole level. The feeling of chills down your spine is what is missed in the series. Lost in Nightmares for those playing for the first time, may feel the old horror and fear the Resident Evil franchies once had. Sometimes the fear of looking around the cornor in the narrow coridors of- what apears to be a very similar spencar estate, untill deeper into the level, may over come you.

What is dissapointing about this level are the monsters- Gardian of Insanity. Not exactly what was expected. Yes, they are scary looking, and dreading. but these giant killing machines are difficult to kill. on top of that, too many of them too handle. Often leaving one with out ammo at some point of the level. Seeing a dozen of these Gardians make the level a bore, and makes one wish for a zombie... maybe a hunter even. instead we get Majini-like dead thing and the Gardians.

Thumbs up for creapy, eerie, original resident evil setting of narrow hallways with gloom and doom, and puzzles.
Thumbs down on never ending, anchor carring, monsters that never seem to end.

Despreate Escape is much like the original Resident Evil 5 game, more of an actiony survivor than horror. Machine gun zombies... (or Majini cause they aren't considered "Zombies" anymore) dosn't really bring out the gloom and doom like Lost in Nightmares. But it is susspensful when it comes to surviving it. Like the rest of the game superb gameing and constant action and fighting.

One thing that both Lost in Nightmares and Desperate Excape have in common... IT'S TOO SHORT!!! This is where the "not worht $50" come in. Since the levels are soo...sooo~ short. It makes you think "Why did I buy a game I already have?"

For those that want to try the two new levels should either rent it, or wait for prices to drop. because there is not much else reason for getting the game.

I do want to point out (since I never tried it in the original) the multiplayer in Versus, Mercenaries and Mercenaries Reunion (only in Gold addition), is entertaining when it comes to challenging yourself to beating the other player, or teaming up with them. makeing the multiplayer an addicting feture in the game.

The graphics like most PS3 games a superb.
Gameplay, may not be the original Resident Evil style, but good non the less.
Controls are easy to use and quick to learn.
Soundtrack... it sort of matches the theme but not really something one would enjoy listening to in the background when you're fighting or just moveing along... from one to ten, I give the soundtrack a negative 12. (not including those of boss battles) if they're going for the "fear" thing, it's not working.
Story, makes sence, relates to the rest of the series, and of course the obvious plot twists... but makes you wonder if the series will end there by the looks of the ending...
most levels are diffrent and has needs of diffrent ways of completing them.
The games will make you want to re-play it again just for kicks or unlocking all there is for all the hardcore gamers.
and difficulty is just right, not too "mission and a half" to saying your ABCs...