Awesome game,specially the wii edition, a combination on ps2 and GC,good graphics with all extras.

User Rating: 9.5 | BioHazard 4: Wii Edition WII
This is an awesome game.You play as Leon.After the GC release a lot of heat has been on this game.The GC version had awesome graphics,CAPCOM has made a really good job at graphics with they details and atmosphere and the enemies.Then it was released for the ps2 which graphics weren't quite the same as for the GC but addition to that it had an extra mini-game "Seperate ways" where you play as Ada and see what happened "behind the scenes".But in wii you get both,amazing graphics with all the extras.Plus the control on wii(which all player are familliar with that) makes it even more enjoyable to play.There are variety of extra weapons to get.Like inf.rocket launcher,P.R.L,Tommy gun a.k.a chicago typewriter and an awesome 50. magnum handcannon.Resident evil 4 has a TOTAL difference between earlier resident evil games.First of all the aiming system is totally new.the camera angels arent all messed up like beffore.It was a blast, at that time the graphics were second to best,even now with the PS3 and xbox360 it still has awesome graphics.The story is amazing,how Leon is on a mission to save Ashley the presidents daughter.They encounter variety of enemies,bosses on their way,and some puzzles as well.

Overall it is one great game,I'd say a must-have becouse you can beat it a 100 times and it still won't get bored.