There will never be a game like this.

User Rating: 10 | BioHazard 4 GC
I'll admit, it's difficult supporting Nintendo. The lack of games is certainly the main issues, which explains why Nintendo is #3 behind XBOX and Playstation 2. It's reason enough to hold onto the little Cube a little longer. Also, the repuation of the Cube being a kiddie system needs to be put to rest, especially after you lay your hands into Resident Evil 4 which is the most brutal and most appealing title I've ever played. Up front I will say, and without hesitation, this is " the best Gamecube title I've ever played" and is right up there with what the XBOX and Playstation 2 has released too.

1st things first, from what I've read before it's release, I know it has been in the works for over 2 years. Capcom always strives for perfection and I also read it was revamped and started over from scratch a total of 4 times! Capcom kept this monster quiet and underwraps for awhile, but the hype for it was phenomenal and people, gamers, critics, expected perfection considering the lengthy delays. I am pleased to say, not only did this game live up to hype, it surpassed it and then some. I've never had this much fun on my cube. It's also one of the longest games I've ever played and expect tons of replay value just for that fact.

Resident Evil 4, while scary like it's other incarnations, feels totally different and FORGET what you know about the series, it's a whole new ball of wax. Think this game is simply about killing zombies then moving on to the next level? Think again. You'll always want to get more!

The new "behind the back" perspective works amazingly well and you feel more in control and it has never been done before. The graphics are astonishing and pushes the system to the limit and is easily the best looking game I've ever layed my eyes on. Take it from someone who has them all! The main strength of the game is that it keeps the faith of the series by being a great survial horror game with addding new elements of gameplay.

The enemies in the game, sometimes referred to as "not-zombies" are smarter than what we are used to in past games. They throw firecrakers at you, come at you with chainsaws, axes, bats, bombs, you name it, these evil sickos want to take you out. Are they human or zombies or a combination? Play the game to find out.

The graphics are top notch in every sense of the word. Simply beautiful in a "disgusting way". You'll see the most obscene images of guts, decapitations, bloodletting, exploding heads, cut off arms and legs, spewing blood and the most disturbing visuals I've ever seen on any video game. This is not Mario Sunshine. Don't think you'll be alone, at least you got your trust weapons, sniper guns, pistols, rocket launchers, flame throwers, grenades, shotguns, your weaponry is astounding in Resident Evil 4 and it's truly exciting putting them into action against the crazies in the game.

This 4th installment lives up to the Resident Evil Tradition and will scare the wits out of you from start to finsih. Make note to only play this game when the sun goes down and turn off the lights. Why play at night? Because a game of this magnitude deserves it! Capcom painstakingly spent 2 years making this baby a reality. Now you can finally experience one of the best looking video game ever.

The game also has an amazing storyline and presentation. Tremendous voice acting actually for a video game, not grammy material, but good for Resident Evil to boot, and great cinematic sequences during your disgusting journey!! The sound is 1st rate too, I was hoping for a little more music accompanying my walks through the game, but for the stuff that does occur during certain situations, it's all good.

Games made specifically for the Cube has kept the system afloat since it was released. Sure it's 3rd place next to the powerful XBOX and almighty Playstation 2, but Gamecube survives on games that are made specifically for the system. As with most Nintendo titles, this game is worth playing, and if you don't own the system yet, you might consider for Resident Evil 4 alone, it really is that good. This is the type of game that is so good, you'll want to play over and over.