Is the game really that good? Ya and its even better than what they say....

User Rating: 9.2 | Resident Evil 4 PS2
Resident Evil 4, one heck of a game. Lets start the review off by talking about what you expect. If you've played any of the RE games before you know its about chosing right decisions and keeping your pants on. RE4 however is a big step away from the old games. No longer are you having to be in pre-rendered enviroments or those controls where you have to move the character depending on their position. This game might not even be called survival horror, its more action adventure. You wont get many scares in the game though you will get many "whoa..."'s.
Aiming has changed now. Since we no longer have pre-rendered enviroments we have to aim on our own. No more lock on.
Be prepared to face some of the coolest boss battles you've ever seen. Most of the bosses could easily be the last one to any game. There arent too many different enemies but you will find some that you wont want to face often.
The game may be hard to get used too at first but dont worry. You'll be killing badies faster than you can say owned.