This game, amazing, godlike! Yet another Resident Evil masterpeice since Resident Evil 2.

User Rating: 10 | Resident Evil 4 PS2
This was a game created by a genius. The idea of putting Leon in another game was great. Also, with the epilogue abpout him in Resident Evil 3, this game shows what they wanted him to do. This one fits in so well with Resident Evil 2. The only thing bad about this game, was that the enemies all talked in spanish, or some other language. I didn't like how after the enemies tried to pick up Ashley when she had the night uniform on, and then dropped her, they kept trying, and eventually died. There were also too many plaga heads in pro mode. Realy hard for the ones who had the instant kill ability. Also the waterworld in mercenaries was way too hard. To date, I was only able to beat it with Hunk, and Krauser. I like the way you use the knife as a combat weapon as well. Even though it was in every Resident Evil game. I'd really like there to be another game out just like this.