Revolutionary for RE series, make it the best RE game ever!

User Rating: 10 | Resident Evil 4 PS2
I give this game a perfect score not wothout reasons. Here's what I think about this game.
Different from any RE game, RE4 use the over the shoulder perspective. when you holding the gun, the camera move a bit closer and you targetting your foe with infrared light from your weapon (no crosshair). This feature make it more like a third person shooter game, but it's great. You can shoot specific region like headshot to kill them faster, or shoot their legs to make them fall and gives you time to blast them up. There is no zombie here. The enemy you fought are smarter. They tend to call backup and sorrounding you. this give the feeling that it's less frightening but more thrilling (CHAINSAW!!!). Anothe new feature is in some CG and cutscene, you have to press specific button to avoid die instantly.
One of the best looking on PS2. The environment are greatly detailed from the village, castle, lab, etc. The chracter are nicely drawn, they animated so realistically (especially during CG).
Terrific voice acting. Every weapon have great sound. Everything you hear here are great. No other comment.
After you beat the game (it take me 22 Hour for firstplay on easy mode. Still playing the normal mode) you got a lot new extra mode including:
Separate ways - 5 extra chapter played as Ada Wong
Assignment Ada - play as Ada too.
The Mercenaries - Kind of mini game, make highest score in any of 4 arena. Choose from 5 character.
Ada's Report - Tells you about what happen in RE4 in Ada's view (will complete after you beat Separate ways).
A must have for any PS2 owner. This game will take a lot of your time by trying to unlock everything. I rcommend, if you have time to buy PS2 game, by this one. You'll not regret it.