At last.... :)

User Rating: 9.1 | BioHazard 4 GC
Wow! First, I always wanted to like and to finish a Resident Evil game... But I never did. The snail speed of your characters and the blocky control, the small amount of objects that you could carry on you and always wondering if you should restart the game because you have spent 1 or 2 extra bullets on a zombie kept me from loving those games. Also, I disliked the modern, high tech visual of the Umbrella organisation after playing trough the prettiest ancient gothic manor I've ever saw...I wanted to like those games mainly because of the incredible visual (I like well made gothic horror visuals, and the previous Resident evil games were sometimes great at that ). Now the good news is that pretty much everything that I disliked about previous Resident Evil games are fixed in resident Evil 4 and the change is very well welcomed :) It is fun to play (sometimes ridiculously hard tough) you need to be intelligent with your amo but they are still generous, the atmosphere is not as good as the previous one but it is still great and the graphics are excellent. The dialogues are mostly cheesy tough, but, if you can pass that, there's a great game waiting for you... Try it out it is worth it :)