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User Rating: 9.8 | BioHazard 4 GC
Resident Evil was known for there tank-like controls and tense action and far-off saves. But now, with some of the best game-designers a new chapter in the Resident Evil line: Resident Evil 4.

I never really like the RS games, the controls where strange, aiming was awful, and they were actually scarey (I was about 10 at the time). But I decided to give this one a try, and boy was it a great game.

Firsthand,you amy think the best thing the game is it's graphics. From the autumn forests of Spain, to the Crumbling Castles, and to a Lab with strange creatures this shines. Everything looks incredibly realistic with great lightning and camera angles that make sense for the situation (a large, high room, camera focuses on the strange insect coccoon at the top, while following you.)

Well you may be wondering if just the graphics make the game great. The answer is a straight forward no. The gameplay and total immersion even outshine the graphical capabilities. Aiming may take some getting used to, but soon you will enjoy and will barely die due to the control. To add to this, Capcom added a quick turn around feature, that you can do by simply pressing B + Down.

And if you may think this game is too hard for you, it isnt, but not in a bad way either. There are a couple of spots that can really **** you off. But try again about two times and you will finally pass. (think this: a minecart with chainsaw maniacs jumping down at you). If that isnt enough to convince you to get this masterpiece, than nothing will, but man, this game rocks.