A game that influenced a generation of games

User Rating: 9 | Resident Evil 4 PS2
Who would say that the best Resident Evil would be the most different, the idea of ​​leaving the Survival Horror and focuses on the action, had everything go wrong, but fortunately did not, Resident Evil 4 is my favorite of the saga, and it was without doubt what else (I prefer Jill), the graphics are beautiful, the gameplay is good to a certain extent, in the matter of aiming leaves is to be waged and slow, not to mention that it is not Automatic, the difficulty is moderate, the cutscenes are excellent, but the game has a very exaggerated moment, the villain of the game does well the role, the plot is not the best of the series, I still prefer the plot of the first 2, But it is good, the environment is very good, and very frightening in some moments, the camera even did not please the fans, it is undeniable that influenced many games, including the new God of War that will come out in 2018, Artificial Intelligence is a Little problematic, there will be moments that you will have to protect Ashley and she is very boring, and lacked more Puzzle in the RE4, Resident Evil 4 is sensational, is in my opinion the best Resident and one of the best PS2 games. Note 93