The Xbox One port of RE 4 is good, but it could've been better.

User Rating: 8 | Resident Evil 4 XONE

"Resident Evil 4" is one of the greatest survival horror games of all time. Released in 2005 on the Nintendo GameCube, it has been ported several times throughout the years. Unfortunately, the Xbox One remastered version is a bit of a missed opportunity. While it looks good in 1080p and runs entirely in 60 FPS (with exception of the reloading animation), this is a case where updated graphics would've been beneficial. Instead, this is just a port based on the PC's Ultimate Edition. Additionally, there have been no new features added to the game. This version of RE 4 is the same one that was released on the PS2. It includes two Ada Wong campaigns, extra costumes and weapons that were not featured in the original release.

The game itself feels a bit dated. While it was a very influential title, technology has evolved in the past 10 years, so newbies may find the game to be slow. More action-based than previous entries, "Resident Evil 4" is creepy and intense, but not very scary. Compared with the recently released "The Evil Within", it's not a very difficult game either. Weapons and ammo are always in great supply. That being said, the game is a blast to play through. It's fun, but an all-out remake would've been great. Surprisingly, the original Nintendo GameCube version is still the best way to experience RE4. It might not have all the extras Capcom put into the ports, but it has the best controls and the graphics (while not in HD) are still the best of any version. I'd rank the Xbox One remaster with an 8 out of 10.