One of the best games I have played if not the best.

User Rating: 9.7 | BioHazard 4 GC
When I first read and viewed the screenshots for Resident Evil 4 a few years ago, I was amazed. I had been waiting impatiently for the release date of January 11, 2005. When I finally got the game, I was more impressed then what I thought I would be. Whether you are a fan of the Resident Evil series or not, I think you will find it hard not to enjoy this game. The graphics are jaw dropping, and probably the best ever seen on the Gamecube. The textures look great, as well as the character models. Their is some clipping in the game, but not enough to phase the game. The gameplay is simple, even for beginners. Leon can't move while shooting, nor strafe from left to right, but you will feel satified with the gameplay. Some of the cutscence are interactive, which can determine whether you live or die, so don't put down the controler. The game is very entertaining, with weapons such as, rocket launchers, pistols, automatics, grenades, all the goodies to experiment on your enimies. You will find never before seen enimies in this game, that are very frightening. The enimies artificial intelligence in impressive, but nothing you haven't seen in other games. For instance, If you aim at a villager they might cover their face with their hands, they will even try to dodge you at times if you point your gun at them. The enimies may confuse you at times, for instance when you shoot a villager in its head and it doesn't die. Let's just say, don't be too confused yet until you know what they really are. The boss fights are really fun, and might require some thinking at times on what wepaon would be best on your enemy. From what I know, this game automatically adjust your difficulty setting by how well or bad you do durring gameplay. If you ever find yourself stuck, you have a codec like in Metal Gear Solid, only you can't activate it when you wan't, it only appears durring some cutscenes, but it should give you some help from the person that lets you know whatever it is you need to do or go. The map is also extremly usefull this time, and lets you know your destination point, as well as where you have been and haven't been. You will be very intertained from the storyline, as it is filled with suprizes. After you complete the game the first time, you are going to wan't to go through it for the second time, and find you have unlocked some extras, that add alot of replay value. Resident Evil is the best game I have ever played on the Gamecube, and maybe the best game I have ever played, its that good. So if you have a Gamecube, I recommend at least renting this game, but highly recommend buying it. You can't go wrong with buying Resident Evil 4. If you don't have a Gamecube, their will be a port for the Playstation 2 sometime next November or December.