This makes the single player experience on the Wii look very promising!

User Rating: 10 | BioHazard 4: Wii Edition WII
I am a big fan of Resident Evil 4, and I was quick to buy this game when it came out today. After about 4 hours into the game and having done some homework online about it concerning it's new options, I have to say I am impressed with the title. It isn't new, but it is a much better way to experience an already awesome game, and it also gave me high hopes for single player games for the Wii system for future titles.

Anyone familiar with the previous game's installments could already take an educated guess at how the game plays: You shake the stick or press combinations of A and B on the wii-mote during cinemas, you do a quick slash with the controller to slash with the knife, hold down B and point and shoot your enemies with extreme accuracy (this feels so natural and makes you such a nasty shot, I beat the first invasion mission of the town with next to no problem. That is quite a feat to those that haven't played this game before.) In short, this is how an action game should feel on the Wii.

The extras are all the add-ons from the PS2 port and the computer port, plus the controls, nothing else really. I didn't really need a lot of new stuff to enjoy the game though, this is just for those of you that didn't know what was new in it. I am extremely happy with this title, as (other than zelda) most of the single-player experiences on the Wii have been a total let-down. I was afraid that Metroid Prime 3 was going to actually be quite a let-down as well, with the amount of suck that has come from first person shooters on the system, but this game has proven that it is possible to have the correct combination of controls to make the game feel both natural and enjoyable.

My hat is off to Capcom for making this version of the game, and although it isn't really anything we haven't SEEN before, it is something we haven't PLAYED before. I can't recommend this game highly enough for fans of the action genre that own a Wii.