Let's Play/ Walkthrough of Resident Evil 4 HD

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Hey guys, I recently started doing Let's Plays and I am in the middle of playing through Resident Evil 4 HD remake on the Xbox 360. I'm trying to have this series finished before Tomb Raider comes out so I can focus my full attention on that, but I felt it was necessary to play this game since I have fond memories from back when it first came out.

I'm about 5 and a half hours in on uploads right now, so if you guys like random off-the-wall and sometimes fairly vulgar commentary, you should hit my videos up. I feel this game is perfect for WTF moments since the controls are so outdated. It's pretty entertaining to see someone struggle with a game, no? Well you can watch me struggle and laugh if you like.

As with any video, if you enjoyed it or found it helpful, a like, favorite, or subscription would be greatly appreciated. I will also review the game in the last video. Thanks to anyone who checks it out... Means a lot to me. Have a good one




I also have a 55-part, nearly 14 hour series of Dead Space 3 on co-op as well if you're into that game.