Amazing game, but such a missed opportunity

User Rating: 8 | Resident Evil 3 PS4

Now that I've completed 6 play through of the game (and obtained the platinum.) I'm ready for the thorough review.

Nostalgia was strong with this game. As it was my favorite of the entire Resident Evil series. What's not to love about the OG Nemesis?

While I loved this game, and it is nostalgia being the reason I rated so high. This game was a huge missed opportunity with how much they cut from the game.

But the game has a few downs.

The Bad:

1. The game is incredibly short. When I saw the trophy list to beat it in under 2 hours, I was worried. And my worry was valid. The game is way too short. They focus to much time on speed runs. If they would have dropped the speedruns, and focused on story and content, it would have boosted it to a perfect 10. The major point deduction stopping it from a perfect score was how short the game was.

2. Nemesis Stage 2. This was a let down. Instead of getting the bad ass tentacle beast of a nemesis stage 2, one of the scariest boss fights in Resident Evil 3 ps1, we got a dog fight. I loved the game. But this fight disapointed me. I was ready for the intense battle with Nemesis. But this werewolf form running in circles was a let down. They could have saved this form for the fight in the acid pit. Which we have that same fight again, with the same tactic.

3. The entire clock tower part was removed. That was a bit of a bummer.


The good:

1. This game is beautiful. It looks amazing. It plays amazing. And it feels amazing. There are a few old school jump scares mixed with the creepy environment that really make you just enjoy the scenery.

2. The original nemesis chance scenes are great. In the beginning, I loved the Nemesis hunt.

3. The feel of being back in Raccoon city, and seeing the old school ps1 city brought to life was pretty awesome.

I loved Resident Evil. But they really need to bring back all the things they cut. And Merc mode! I felt a little jipped with the rewards shop.

The old school Merc Mode to get points to buy in the store would have been a lot of fun. And then, the shop had very few items in it.

Where is the Gatling gun!?

Can we have a Resident Evil 3 Remake Remake please?

(review 500!)