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watching the previews of the Remake of RE3, I would say that like 2 I am not really happy with the new Mr X. shouldn't he at least be Nemesis or more LIKE Nemesis, on top of that the rendering of Jill valentine looks like Natalie Portman and I like Natalie but doesn't suit this character, why can't she look more like some of the older Jill Valentine's, just when to get used to one they change the look I hate it when creators do this WHY is it necessary to do this, (just like they also do with Tomb Raider); and who is the scruffy haired guy... Chris Redfield? nothing like him AT ALL, Leon Kennedy in RE2 is pretty good, Claire Redfield I'm not overly happy with and she needed darker hair. sorely disappointed already and the game isn't even out yet.