Game play RES3 compared to RES2

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#1 ATyler
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I am curious if anyone else thinks RES3 is way better than RES2?

Also curious if anyone has realized how ridiculously difficult RES2 is compared to RES3 and wonder why they did RES2 the way they did, when they could have done something similar as they did for RES3?

I beat RES2, all 4 scenarios, but couldn't perfect the game with achievements etc. Just assumed it was just a common thing and wasn't possible for majority of people that played it. Then I play RES3 and OMG much better and I beat every mode in like 28 hrs or so. I then perfected the game, achievements etc in about 2-3 days. It was a bit quicker than I would like, but it had the right mix of everything to me. I mean I then began wondering why they did RES2 the way they did. Felt a bit salty about it now lol. I am currently trying to get all the achievements in RES2 and it seems impossible!

Am I alone in thinking this way??