The game is fun

User Rating: 7 | Resident Evil 2 PS4

One of the better games I have played in 2019. Although im not a major fan of Horror games, Resident Evil 2 nailed it for me. The game is at its best when your in the police station. The damp, eerie environment of the station was the perfect setting for a tight horror game like this one. Walking through the long hallways of the station was always suspenseful - is it a corpse or zombie? Moments like this is where the game shines the most. Rain pouring through a crack in the roof, while you hear footsteps behind you gradually getting louder and louder until a big bitch in a fedora knocks downs a wall. It is truly amazing.

Fortunately for me, all this gets thrown out the window once we get to the sewer part. Everything that works about this game is tossed aside once we get to the sewer. To be honest it isn't even that bad until you get to the 'Chess puzzle'. This has to be one of the worst puzzles ever created by man. It takes too long, and just isn't fun. I stopped playing the game for about 2 weeks when I got to this part. That's how bad it is. I probably would have given the game a 8 or 9 if it wasn't for sewer part.

Luckily, the game picks up again at the next stage. The only complaint I have about this section is its length, I wish it would have lasted a bit longer. Most sins of the game are forgiven at the climactic ending the player receives near the end.

To conclude, play the first part of this game, then let your brother play the second part, and return for the third part. For all its faults I still enjoyed the game and would highly recommend you purchase it.