In Some ways Re2 is better than RE1,, re2 is quality over quantity,or the other way around

User Rating: 10 | Resident Evil 2 (UK) PS

- The Great:

_ story and how the story act and develeps etc etc=)

_ cutscenes

_ the voice even though they are bad

_ the Zombies (includin all enemies are clever and good (best yet(psst)

_ it is still scary=)

_ Nemesis?=)) who?

_ its still kinda nice to play today=)

_ different ending etc in this game etc=)

++ extra modes=)

- great locations,endings,,building etc etc::D

minor issues _

the graphics can act weird

not to worry so much about

"But there's something out there. I don't know what it is, but I
saw it! Much larger than any of those Zombies and its coming after me!"

"So, you've finally come...sorry, but I won't just hand over my life's work."

"What's going on? I arrived in town and the whole place went