As far as survival horror games go, Resident Evil 2 is almost perfect.

User Rating: 9 | BioHazard 2 N64
Everyone said it couldn't be done. Cramming a 2 disc set on to one 64MB N64 cart seemed like an impossible task to many, but the good folks at Capcom defied the odds and did the impossible: they gave us Resident Evil 2 for the Nintendo 64, the first RE game to appear on a Nintendo system. RE2 is a great entry in the series and it will not disappoint hardcore fans of the series. There is an excellent selection of weapons in the game. Playing as Leon will get you a handgun, shotgun and a Desert Eagle, and a sub-machine gun. Playing as Claire will get you a handgun, grenade launcher, and a sub-machine gun, so you have got 2 games in one here! The story is very solid and so is the gameplay. This version also controls slightly better than the PSone version of RE2. If you use the joystick on the N64 controller, your character will instantly run without the need to press an extra button. There are some problems too. The camera is your worst enemy still, there are some bosses like the Tyrant that are very overpowered, and it is a very short game for a Resident Evil game. Still, you should be satisfied with RE2 on the N64. If you are an N64 owner, pick this up. Don't be left behind.