Short and extremely easy, with a cliche horror plot

User Rating: 5.5 | BioHazard 2 GC
Resident Evil 2 is a survival horror game about a rookie cop named Leon and a biker girl named Claire who come to a town called Raccoon City, both for their own reasons: Leon to start his first day as a cop, and Claire to search for her brother. However, the two of them find the city infested with zombies and other mutant creatures. They search for survivors and a way out of the city, and discover the truth about the zombie outbreak. As you can probably tell, it's pretty much your standard zombie outbreak story. There really isn't much, if anything original, or scary for that matter. The story is extremely brief, and the game overall only takes a few hours to complete. It's beyond rushed, and you'll probably only spend around 12 hours on this game before you beat it. And that's assuming you do both Leon and Claire's scenarios and not just one or the other. What's worse, Resident Evil 2 does a horrible job with it's characters. None of them are given any personality or much, if any backstory. Character relations are incredibly forced, with Leon and Claire meeting random survivors, teaming up with them for a few hours, then deciding that they're as close to them as can be. The cheesy dialogue and abysmal voice acting don't help much either. In the end, the characters are all one dimensional, while the plot is rushed, beyond cliche, and far to short.

The gameplay is simple: Shoot zombies, solve puzzles, and look for keys. Puzzles generally involve solving some kind of riddle to get a key to unlock a door or a item to use to solve a different puzzle. Don't expect the enemies and bosses to give you any challenging, they're all extremely easy. The bosses don't require any strategy: you just shoot until they stop moving. Aside from that, the game has a limited save system and a small inventory system, both of which are used to force the player to limit item use. However, the game's system of using boxes to store items is annoying, and leads to a lot of backtracking.

However, I can't bring myself to hate Resident Evil 2. The plot is cliche, the gameplay is simple, the graphics are lousy, and the game is short and overall far to easy, but there isn't anything frustrating or to annoying. The as horrible as the plot is, it has a certain charm to it that makes it hard to hate. The game is bad in many ways, but it is still likable, in an guilty pleasure sort of way.