Good in many different respects but not overly brilliant.

User Rating: 8 | Resident Evil 2 (Platinum) PS

This game is very spooky. From the off it supplies what you want as in: scary enemies, close combat; familiar resident evil gameplay etc. Which means it's very similiar to the first resident evil - hence why Claire(Chris' sister) is in this one. You can play with Claire or Leon. Both of their scenarios differ but evidently they offer the same enteratinment in their own different respect's.

More things about this seuquel that will engross audiences is the bosses. Not giving anything away but it's as impressive as your expectations when it comes to generalisations. Weapons are familiar for you to help you through the whole game. If you were looking for spooks from this sequel you'll have plenty to look forward to.

There's no real negatives to be drawn from resident evil 2. There's Non-linear plot for you to delve into. It's definietly a must play game.