few Re games besides re1 remake and re original can live up to this

User Rating: 9 | Resident Evil 0 GC
yeah,i'd say this

re zero is not drasticly different than re1 remake,,its pratically the same with graphics etcetc but with some changes

this is one superb remarkable game


design,,clever artistic,,puzzles..
from trains to mansions,,etc
graphics of course
,engine ofcourse,
real zombies
real scary
real level design
real scary areas,enemies..
side missions,,
new characters
creepy atmpshere creepy music
best co op



-one negative,,could be some more interesting enemies

all in all : medal worthy


doors open slow

u can not shoot and walk at the same time

sing along if u can so..hm ok hmm ok

billy billy what have u done,,where did u go

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