This is what Resident Evil 5 should've been...

User Rating: 10 | Resident Evil 0 GC
I started playing Resident Evil in the way a lot of people did: Resident Evil 4. It was the first game of the series that took a turn for the accessible, abandoning the infamous tank controls (which I now adore, to be honest) and going for a more mainstream action game approach while still maintaining the spirit of previous titles in the series. So, in other words, it's kind of the perfect game for initiates to the series who have little to no experience with survival horror games, like myself when I first played Resident Evil 4.

Now, after I played RE4, I went back through the series and played 1, 2, and 3. I thought they were amazing, and I heard about this game. I read that the level design was bland and it just wasn't that good, so I didn't play it.


Okay okay, this game is awesome. Resident Evil 5 is the last RE game I played before this, and holy BAWLS this feels like a 10,000,000 times better version of that game. This is classic RE: it reminds me a lot of the REmake, which in my opnion is a perfect game. I feel like this RE: 0 game should have been RE2 instead of that Leon bile that they came out with instead (don't hate me for saying that) but playing a RE game with 2 characters involved that share a lot of screen time together, and making it actually WORK is incredible to me after suffering through bouts of Ashley and Sheva in parts 4 and 5, respectively. You can switch between characters on the fly, and control how they behave. You have control over two inventories and YOU CAN LEAVE ITEMS ON THE FLOOR TO COME BACK AND PICK UP LATER. Yes, that's right, no more FRUCKING treasure chests in save rooms that you have to wait for to juggle your items around. This game gets so many things right...

... and you would think this ellipses would denote a paragraph in which I would tell you how the game goes wrong, but guess what: I'm not going to do that, because the game doesn't go wrong. Classic RE, folks. Forget that 5 ever happened and maybe forget 4 happened too, because ultimately, this game is better than both of those.