Maybe not needed in the series, but it brings back the original scares and tricky puzzles.

User Rating: 8.5 | BioHazard 0 WII
Resident Evil Zero is a great game with stunning graphics and great controls, is it a good addition to the series? Read on to find out!

Resident Evil Zero takes place in two places. The first small part of the game takes place on a train, The Ecliptic Express, where a grisly outbreak has occured and the train is infested with zombies and leeches. You play as either Rebecca Chambers, a young rookie S.T.A.R.S member, or Billy Coen, an arrested ex-soldier. After Rebecca and Billy manage to stop the train from crashing, they pull the brakes and find themselves in an underground training facility and research centre. After exploring it a bit, they find a way up to a derelict mansion. Yes, another mansion! Come on, The Spencer Estate and now the James Marcus Estate! I suppose it must be an everyday in Raccoon City. Anyway, Rebecca and Billy soon find themselves trapped in the mansion. They must try and find a way out of the unspeakable horrors that await them, deep within the mansion.

The controls are easy to control with realistic turning. This game is great, because it allows you to drop items anywhere in the game, it's much better than backtracking to find an inventory box.

This game is also filled to the brim with puzzles, both easy and difficult. Unfortunately you will need to backtrack to retrieve items needed to complete missions.

The enemies in this game are mostly animal based ranging from rabid monkeys to giant scorpions. The bosses are mainly pretty easy, apart from the odd one or two.

A lot of people like this game a lot and say that without this we wouldn't have known how it started. I disagree. I personally think this game is the most un-needed games in the series. I think it was eerie to imagine myself how it all began.

It is a very good game and I reccommend.