Where it all began!

User Rating: 9 | BioHazard 0 WII
I never played Resident Evil 0 for the gamecube until i got it for the wii. This game is awesome. It's one of the best resident evil games I ever played. The story takes place right before the mansion incident. It features Rebbecca Chambers from Resident Evil 1 and Billy Cohen. Which is interesting because Resident Evil 1 is my favorite and always will be, but this is just as great as Resident Evil 1. This is just as scary and the story line is fantastic. The controls are similar to Resident Evil 1 but it's still great. Enemies and boss battles are intense. Being able to switch characters, and trade items is also great. It brings back the good old survival horror feeling back. This is a great game. Even though some people that played the original version might want to rent it, this is my first time and I love it. Since it is not much different from Resident Evil 1 for the gamecube, I can't give this one a perfect score. But, like I said it's still an amazing game.