Requiem: Avenging Angel Cheats For PC

  1. Codes

    Enter in the following code in the console window after you press ''Enter'' and type in ''csmilton'':

    Effect Effect
    csao <number> Adds indicatged objective to the journal
    csgo <number> Advance to indicated start point (1 is first, etc.)
    csgo <x, y, z coordinates> Advance to specified coordinates
    csrosary All Angelic Powers
    csportal All Doorways Highlighted Yellow
    csguns All Guns
    csstigmata All Guns, Ammo, Health, Etc
    csitems All Items
    csammo Ammunition
    cstime <0-200> Changes game timer
    csclipmouse Clips mouse cursor to window in windowed mode
    cseo <number> Completes indicated objective in journal
    cs3dnow!off Disables 3DNow!
    cstimeouts Disables inactive player removal in multiplayer
    -debug Displays debug information
    -showfps Displays framerate
    -mpquery Displays multiplayer game info
    csblah Displays test message on HUD
    cs3dnow!on Enables 3DNow!
    csshroud Full Armor
    csessence Full Essence
    cshealth Full Health
    csverbose Gives detailed weapon explanations during gameplay
    csyhwh God Mode
    csmapper 0 Hides auto-map
    csvanish Kill All Enemies
    csmap <insert map name here> Load Map
    cshost No Gravity
    csback Quick Reset from Last Save
    csnotimeouts Removes inactive players after 120 second in multiplayer
    csro Resets journal
    -edkeys Restores original key bindings
    -sound <0.0-100.0> Sets ambient sound volume
    -dialog <0.0-100.0> Sets dialogue volume
    -mouse <0.0-100.0> Sets mouse speed
    -music <0.0-100.0> Sets music volume
    -intensity <0.0-100.0> Sets screen brightness
    -res <0-9> Sets screen resolution
    -fov<number> Sets viewing distance (120 is normal)
    csmapper 2 Shows map and entities
    csmapper 1 Shows map only
    cshalt Stop Time
    csmapper Toggles auto-map
    csmapper <.01-.99> Toggles auto-map with specified scaling
    -xhair <0 or 1> Toggles crosshair
    cstourist Toggles enhanced speed
    -steps <0 or 1> Toggles footsteps
    -calcfps Toggles framerate calculations
    -look <0 or 1> Toggles free look
    -hidegun <0 or 1> Toggles hidden gun
    -camera Toggles HUD text when HUD is in hide mode
    -invert <0 or 1> Toggles inverted mouse during free look
    -run <0 or 1> Toggles running
    -shadows <0 or 1> Toggles shadows
    -sfx <0 or 1> Toggles sound effects
    -text <0 or 1> Toggles text display
    cswire Wireframe Level Map

    Contributed by: th3l3fty, MT0 

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